Integration of TOPIC with T&S group

Thursday 30 March 2023

We would like to take a moment to share some exciting news with you. It is almost 27 years ago that TOPIC was founded and over the years our company has grown to where we are now. Today we want to share with you the start of an exciting new chapter for TOPIC.

We are pleased to announce that TOPIC will become part of the Technology & Strategy Group (T&S), a European expert in Consulting, Digital and Engineering. With T&S we have found a reliable partner to build further on the future. By bringing together years of expertise and shared company values, we believe we will strengthen our position in the embedded market. This will offer benefits to our customers, who we can support from out a much wider portfolio and will widen the opportunities for our employees.

For our customers, suppliers, partners and employees, the integration will not have a notable change. Our corporate identity, way of working and points of contact within the organisation will remain the same. Also Rieny Rijnen (Founder of TOPIC) will stay on as CEO. Together with the team we continue to make the world a little better, healthier and smarter every day.

Read below the official announcement of T&S and TOPIC about the integration.


T&S Group expand with the integration of TOPIC

Technology & Strategy Group (T&S), a European expert in Consulting, Digital and Engineering is developing its Engineering business with the arrival of new Dutch partner, TOPIC, an expert in embedded systems.

Founded in 1996 in the Netherlands, TOPIC provides cutting edge embedded solutions to customers worldwide. With over 100 professionals, TOPIC makes the world a little better, healthier and smarter every day focusing on healthcare, semiconductors, aerospace and smart industries.

The integration of TOPIC will further strengthen T&S’ expertise in system, hardware and software development, which will enable the delivery of more complex, turnkey projects and complete solutions, including end to end product development.

This integration also expands T&S’ operations in to 12 countries over 3 continents, and will strengthen the group’s presence in Europe, particularly in the Benelux region. This offers further benefits to both customers and the employees.

T&S & TOPIC share common expertise with their respective design offices, as well as their capacity to deliver fixed projects Jérémie Huss, Technology & Strategy Group C.E.O commented:

“There is a gap in the market for embedded systems, where mature technology and broad ranging sector experience overlap. We believe that our combined expertise and skills will allow us to address this need and excel within this market niche.”

Rieny Rijnen, Founder and CEO of TOPIC: “The integration with T&S is an exciting new chapter for TOPIC. Bringing together our expertise and shared company values to build further on a strong future together in the embedded market. The integration offers benefits to customers, who we can support from out a much wider service portfolio. For our professionals it will widen their opportunities.”  

Rieny Rijnen (CEO and Founder TOPIC) together with Jérémie Huss (Technology & Strategy Group C.E.O)


Board of T&S together with TOPIC's management team

Making the world better, healthier and smarter: we are your partner in technology.

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