TOPIC makes the world a little better, smarter and healthier every day. We develop technological solutions (for and with our customers) that contribute to a better and healthier world. We develop electronics and software in various domains. Our strength is to think beyond sectors, by using the latest technologies.

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Cloud-connected sense and act Project

We offer solutions that are according to GDPR regulations and in compliance with ISO13485, 27001 and NEN 7510 standards

Safety & Security Project

In our contribution and know-how you can count on our expertise in Safety Integrity Levels 3 and 4

AI & math-modelling Project

We designed and developed an autonomous observation system where, with multiple cameras, a full 360 degree view was created

Signal processing and algorithm modelling Project

Started from an idea and a research model, we developed this delirium monitor. From initial concept via prototype, optimization to industrialization to a (medical) product

Robotics & autonomous operation Project

Our solutions enable unmanned vehicle control : using Simulink and Python, we model the complete functional behaviour of a system

High-performance computing and signal processing Project

We design and develop complex and high-density boards where signal integrity, power management and thermal design are key success drivers

Miami System on Modules Product

Using a TOPIC System-on-Module, this leading test- and measurement customer developed a high-end instrument in the domain of 5G mobile communication

Making the world better, healthier and smarter: we are your partner in technology.

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